Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lady Sovereign,Tokio Hotel,& The Sims 3

Ok,well im back i know i been gona for a while.
I gots lots 2 say!
Well remember Lady Sovereign!
Well you better have!
Cause she is comming with a new album!
yay!...its called jigsaw!
and its gonna be the ahh-fuckin-mazing album ever!
Yes Yes im i love her so much!
Anyway so many people thought she was gonna be a ONE HIT WONDER!!
yeah the fuck right.
i love her so much!
she is like an ellen page well to me!
She has changed so much and i kinda hate it!
Cause no more side pony which i miss!
Ugh!!!! but thats ok!
cause ill always love her!
album comes out on April 7th 2009!
Tokio Hotel is comming out with a new Album
dont know when!
But always the sims 3 is comming out too
This is gonna be an awesome ass year
hahahahaha :]
Ahhh oh yeah Fcat is comming to which sucks ass!
i hate test they fuckin kill me!
but i really have to do this! :]

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