Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lady Sovereign,Tokio Hotel,& The Sims 3

Ok,well im back i know i been gona for a while.
I gots lots 2 say!
Well remember Lady Sovereign!
Well you better have!
Cause she is comming with a new album!
yay!...its called jigsaw!
and its gonna be the ahh-fuckin-mazing album ever!
Yes Yes im i love her so much!
Anyway so many people thought she was gonna be a ONE HIT WONDER!!
yeah the fuck right.
i love her so much!
she is like an ellen page well to me!
She has changed so much and i kinda hate it!
Cause no more side pony which i miss!
Ugh!!!! but thats ok!
cause ill always love her!
album comes out on April 7th 2009!
Tokio Hotel is comming out with a new Album
dont know when!
But always the sims 3 is comming out too
This is gonna be an awesome ass year
hahahahaha :]
Ahhh oh yeah Fcat is comming to which sucks ass!
i hate test they fuckin kill me!
but i really have to do this! :]

Friday, December 19, 2008


why do i feel like this
all i really want is him
that day when we talked made
me feel a lot better inside and now
i cant live with out talking to him
though i got to realize that
he is already with someone
you know even though i dont like it
i got to face the facts
and plus im to young for him so all
we can be is friends ya know
i wish i was older but that isnt gonna happen
ill just have to live like this forever
just Wondering Wondering
how life would of been with him
but all i got is life with out him
i need to find someone like him
but you know what there isn't
know one like him
all i really need is

Friday, November 7, 2008

From The Concert On 10/24/08--11/7/08

Okay well this is gonne be a long blog hahaha.
Well the concert was FUN!
Here's Some pics to prove i went^^^^^^^
Yeah Tokio Hotel is bad u werent there
Anywho.I wanna write about my feelings cause i have lots today
and all the other weeks
Well i been having drama at school but that is every highschool
Yeah though school is great and so are my grades
on my progress report i had bad grades like
2B's,1A,2D's,and a F
yeah and now i have
4B's and 2C's
Awesome right
and guess what im doing awesome in R.O.T.C
yeah my dad is proud of me and so is my brother and Mother
Anywho lets get to the subject about my friend
well on the concert day and all the way to 10/26/08
We been together and now she owes me those days cause she dont know how i feel
I fell mad and upset like HELLO i went to your house 3 days and 2 nights
Like you should pay your do's and come to my house
Cause everytime i want to do something with her she can never come over
so for now on im gonna make my own plans and spend time with other people
Cause im always there for her everytime i go to her house i drop everything just to spend time with her ya know I been with her threw thick and thin i always been there
but now its like she isnt there for me its like i do everything im suppose to do
and i give her advice and i get nothing back its like i pay for something and i dont get it
or like in R.O.T.C you give someone RESPECT and you dont get none back ya know
But i gotta just put this crap behind me but its kinda hard cause i think about this all the time
and also i always go to her schools football games and guess what we only been to one of mine
but also there is a twist it could of been her game cause her school was going against mine
and also i had to stay on the side of her school i didnt get to go to my side of the school
and just because i said boo to her team HELLO its called SCHOOL SPIRT FOR YOUR OWN SCHOOL!.Though i just had to get that out cause it was hurting me inside ya know and now that i have it out i feel so much BETTER THANKS TO THIS BLOG!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tokio Hotel Site[Floridans]

Lets Talk About TH.Okay well if you live in the FL you should know that Tokio Hotel is comming on the 24th of October you better get ya tickets.Also i wanted to post this blog to tell all you Tokio Hotel Fans that i have a site for TH and i need some more friends and that would be awww-TH-mazing so the site is for everyone but mainly for the Florida fans cause us Floridans have to stand up for what we want and that is TH.hahaha well anywho add me

Friday, October 3, 2008

What I Think Of Cigarette's

Well cigarette's are nasty and if you smoke them when you are my age they are really bad because what if you wanted to go kiss a girl or a guy your breath would stink and i know i would not kiss you cause of that.Though i kiss my mom and she smokes but if i have to deal with my wife or husband with that problem i would dump them cause that is a big no,no for me and that is a FACT!.I cant stop you from smoking them but if you really love someone you would stop so stop while you have the chance cause if you don't,no one will really like you.though if your mate smokes then that is a plus.So good luck for those who smoke at my age and older.Hope you have the best of luck with that nasty Sh*t your smoking and killing your lungs and making you die faster.

Tokio Hotel Concert!

Well im going to the Tokio Hotel Concert and its on October 24,2008 and i cant wait cause i only been liking them fore about 5 months now and im already going to the concert.I got one shirt from them and its HOTT!.Well some of my friends are going idk but i know my mom is going even though i dont want her too cause i wanna see my love ya know.Though this has been a surprised week for me cause i been saying for 2 weeks now that i wanna see Tokio Hotel in concert and guess what there comming hahaha its like god came down and shined on me i feel super lucky cause i never thought that this would happen in just 2 weeks.Though i hope i have Fun

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bill Kaulitz My Hubby

Well right here is my hubbby and i love him so much.Hahaha but im the only girl in flordia that can have him so all you other people cant have him.Well since the last time i posted a blog was about school and school is going great though i still wish it was SUMMER! ya know.But anywho let me finish telling you about my hubby.His name is BILL KAULITZ! and he is the band called TOKIO HOTEL..yay.he is german so that is a plus in my book he is 19 now..not that old for me anyway! Though i just wanted to post a blog about him cause he is SMEXY! Ich liebe Tokio Hotel und ich liebe Bill's des smile,it damit ansteckend! Don't worry,I did NOT swear in german when I said damit, the entire sentence means,I love Tokio Hotel and I love Bill's smile,it's so contagious!