Friday, November 7, 2008

From The Concert On 10/24/08--11/7/08

Okay well this is gonne be a long blog hahaha.
Well the concert was FUN!
Here's Some pics to prove i went^^^^^^^
Yeah Tokio Hotel is bad u werent there
Anywho.I wanna write about my feelings cause i have lots today
and all the other weeks
Well i been having drama at school but that is every highschool
Yeah though school is great and so are my grades
on my progress report i had bad grades like
2B's,1A,2D's,and a F
yeah and now i have
4B's and 2C's
Awesome right
and guess what im doing awesome in R.O.T.C
yeah my dad is proud of me and so is my brother and Mother
Anywho lets get to the subject about my friend
well on the concert day and all the way to 10/26/08
We been together and now she owes me those days cause she dont know how i feel
I fell mad and upset like HELLO i went to your house 3 days and 2 nights
Like you should pay your do's and come to my house
Cause everytime i want to do something with her she can never come over
so for now on im gonna make my own plans and spend time with other people
Cause im always there for her everytime i go to her house i drop everything just to spend time with her ya know I been with her threw thick and thin i always been there
but now its like she isnt there for me its like i do everything im suppose to do
and i give her advice and i get nothing back its like i pay for something and i dont get it
or like in R.O.T.C you give someone RESPECT and you dont get none back ya know
But i gotta just put this crap behind me but its kinda hard cause i think about this all the time
and also i always go to her schools football games and guess what we only been to one of mine
but also there is a twist it could of been her game cause her school was going against mine
and also i had to stay on the side of her school i didnt get to go to my side of the school
and just because i said boo to her team HELLO its called SCHOOL SPIRT FOR YOUR OWN SCHOOL!.Though i just had to get that out cause it was hurting me inside ya know and now that i have it out i feel so much BETTER THANKS TO THIS BLOG!

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