Friday, October 3, 2008

What I Think Of Cigarette's

Well cigarette's are nasty and if you smoke them when you are my age they are really bad because what if you wanted to go kiss a girl or a guy your breath would stink and i know i would not kiss you cause of that.Though i kiss my mom and she smokes but if i have to deal with my wife or husband with that problem i would dump them cause that is a big no,no for me and that is a FACT!.I cant stop you from smoking them but if you really love someone you would stop so stop while you have the chance cause if you don't,no one will really like you.though if your mate smokes then that is a plus.So good luck for those who smoke at my age and older.Hope you have the best of luck with that nasty Sh*t your smoking and killing your lungs and making you die faster.

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