Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bill Kaulitz My Hubby

Well right here is my hubbby and i love him so much.Hahaha but im the only girl in flordia that can have him so all you other people cant have him.Well since the last time i posted a blog was about school and school is going great though i still wish it was SUMMER! ya know.But anywho let me finish telling you about my hubby.His name is BILL KAULITZ! and he is the band called TOKIO HOTEL..yay.he is german so that is a plus in my book he is 19 now..not that old for me anyway! Though i just wanted to post a blog about him cause he is SMEXY! Ich liebe Tokio Hotel und ich liebe Bill's des smile,it damit ansteckend! Don't worry,I did NOT swear in german when I said damit, the entire sentence means,I love Tokio Hotel and I love Bill's smile,it's so contagious!

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